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Working without Devanagari keyboard

As I previously posted in another topic, most phones do not come with a Devanagari keyboard. On many Android phones, it is even necessary to perform an action that will void one's warranty, if you want to install the Devanagari keyboard.

I tried replying to questions in Romanized script, but this did not seem to work: all of these answers were marked as incorrect. How is it possible for people without a Devanagari keyboard to participate in this course?

April 26, 2014

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You could try one of these.

MultiLing keyboard , which you can install from http://goo.gl/UHMzC1 Google Hindi Input tool from http://goo.gl/MSdk98 Panini keypad from http://goo.gl/eYVD63

MultLing lets you switch languages easily from the keypad itself, so I find it more convenient than panini. Google Hindi Input will be good for those who prefer automatic transliteration from English to Hindi.


Google Hindi Input even has speech to text which I find very convincing.


Thanks for the recommendations! Google Hindi Input used to be a great tool, but with the latest update there no longer seems to be a way to display Devanagari on the keyboard - you must transliterate from English. Makes it only half useful in my opinion.


Do you think this might work for you. I see there are other products as well. Unfortunately, I do not have an Android device to try and tell you what works best.

Perhaps, those who have been successfully writing in Devanagari on Andriod device can step in to help!


i never writing in devanagari. please help to learn english language properly.


simple your sentient copy and google translate past


copy paste form hints, if no one of keyboards can't be downloaded or opened online.

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