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Why "auf dich" and not "auf dir"?

Hi, I've been stumbling upon this phrase quite a few times "Ich bin stolz auf dich". Why isn't it called "Ich bin stolz auf dir" since the preposition "auf" demands dative when the sentence isn't in movement?

Is there a reason for using the accusative pronouns instead of the dative ones? Thanks

June 5, 2018



In German you are "stolz auf etwas / jemanden" for which takes the accusative instead of the dative. It is something which has to be learned. There are also some verbs which require certain cases.

Er wartet auf dich. = He is waiting for you.


The movement rule for two-way prepositions only applies when you are talking about location/position/movement.

Auf is used in many other contexts. Note that none of these examples are talking about the location of anything, and they are all accusative:

  • achten auf (to pay attention to) - e.g. auf jeden Cent achten

  • antworten auf (to reply to) - e.g. auf den Brief antworten, auf eine Frage antworten, auf eine Anzeige antworten..

  • sich freuen auf (to look forward to) - e.g. Ich freue mich auf das Jahr 2019.

  • warten auf (to wait for) - ich warte auf dich

  • aufpassen auf (to look after) - e.g. auf das Baby aufpassen


If it can help you remember it, just imagine you put your pride upon someone :) But really, that's the way languages go: not always logical.

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