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Ipad Duolingo app crashes immediately after opening the app.

When I try to load the duolingo app on my ipad, the app crashes immediately after opening. I have tried to reinstall from both ipad and mac but nothing really works. Crazy annoying when you are really keen on learning a language. Can anyone help??

Kind regards Rasmus

April 26, 2014



First of all, I recommend you move this subject to Troubleshooting. Moderators and admin will be able to find it easier there. Second of all, what version of the app are you using? A new update for the mobile duolingo platform came out a couple of days ago and if you updated to that, it may be another unidentified bug. Third of all, have you restarted your iPad? This may help the problem. Hope this helps :)


Thanks for you quick reply and help. Very much appreciated. I have restarted several times and have updated to the newest version now, but still I cannot open the app :( Before, when I had the older version the app could not open either. However it all worked like a charm two weeks ago.


Hi rwibaek! Can you please shoot us an email (with these details) to support? Click on the tab to the left, so that we can look into this? Thanks!


Submitted, Thanks for the guidance Kristine (: Hope we find a solution.


Has a solution for this been found? I have an iPad Pro with iOS 10.2.1 and Duolingo crashes as soon as it opens. It worked fine until I used OAuth with my Google account to login. Reinstalling the app and restarting the iPad didn't help.


Same problem here after updating iPad a few days ago. Quits after 1 or 2 questions. Duolingo continues to work on an iPhone 4s where the app has not been updated. iPad running OS 9.3.5 - can't be updated to newer OS.


I have the exact same problem and sent off an email yesterday but have not had a reply! Frustrated!


To what address did you send an email


After updating iPad 2OCT17. Duolingo app quits after 1 or 2 questions. My iPad running OS 9.3.5 - can't be updated to newer OS. Does anyone from Duolingo read this?


I share the same problem as yours! The app crashed in my iPad n iPhone SE! Both of my devices r stay at iOS 9.3.5.


I made the mistake of updating the app on my iPad on 20 Nov, 2018. Now all I have is the smug-faced dancing owl, when I tried to open a new lesson. I am tempted to erase the app and stick with the dotcom version instead. After all, the health system in the app almost makes learning some of the more difficult lessons impossible.

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