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  5. "We never speak with Carlos."

"We never speak with Carlos."

Translation:Nosotros nunca hablamos con Carlos.

June 5, 2018



Why is jamás not accepted?


This is not my comment, but someone said I think you could use "jamás" here since it can also mean never, but it's not the same as "nunca". "Jamás" also can translate to "ever" (you could say, "Nunca jamás voy a hacer eso" to say "I will never ever do that" even though it may sound redundant, it isn't), so if you want to express "never" then "nunca" is generally the better option (though you can normally decipher what someone means by "jamás" by the context). I also just realized this comment is 3 months old, which means you probably don't even remember leaving it, but hey, better late than never


I wonder what Carlos did lol


What's wrong: jamas hablamos con carlos?


A native speaker tells me that 'jamás' and 'nunca' are synonyms, so if Duo claimed it was wrong you should definitely consider reporting it.


Jamás is a bit of extreme, in this context the adverb NUNCA is enough. You use JAMAS when you want to be emphatic, similar to "never ever". For example: "jamas olvidaré lo que hiciste por mi" = I'll never forget what you did for me (never in my life)


Why can't I use JAMAS instead of NUNCA? nosotros jamás hablamos con carlos...?


I woman was pictured on the screen. If it had been an option I would have choose the femine nosotras


We always speak with carlos


but- but- but- WHYYYY


Why not 'Nosotros nunca hablamos a Carlos.' ? The sneak-peak-dropdown for 'with' did even include 'a' as one of the possibilities.


So I put "Nosotros no hablamos con Carlos". Can someone explain why that is incorrect? Please.


I said "nosotros nunca hablamos con carlo." But it marked it wrong!!! It said it was supposed to be "nosotros nunca hablamos con carlos." I was on my last heart!!!!!aa


Why isn't nosotros no hablamos nunca con Carlos accepted


Just so we are clear, no hablamos nunca... is grammatically correct and should be accepted. If it isn't, use the report button.

Double negatives are not just "acceptable" in Spanish, they are an integral part of the grammar. They are found in academic writings.


No hablamos nunca con Carlos.

... was rejected, and reported as "my answer should be accepted" @ 2021-11-10.


I should be able to use the feminine nosotras.

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