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"No, my dad is not busy today."

Translation:No, mi papá no está ocupado hoy.

June 5, 2018



Why can't you use padre here?


Linguistic register.
Father = padre
Dad = papá

One is more "proper" or "stuffy" and the other is more "relaxed" or "common".


In reality, it is not simply 'Father = padre, Dad = papá"

There are rigional differences that in some places, it is frowned upon to call your dad papá if you are a fully grown up while in some others, calling your dad papá is the norm even if you are 100 and your dad is 130. Also, in some places, you call your dad papá when you address him directly while you refer to him as padre if you are talking about him in front of others.

So, forget about the father = padre, dad = papá formula as it does not work that way. It's much more nuanced.

And yes, padre should be accepted in this question.


I got it wrong because I did the same. I don't see a huge difference. If you used either interchangably it is not like no one would be able to understand you or you would sound poorly educated.


Why is it está and not es?


Está is from the verb estar.
Es is from the verb ser.
Both mean "to be", but ser is for inherent characteristics of something, and estar is for conditions.

Es aburrido = He is a boring person.
Está aburrido = He is bored.


Yeah...Está vs es always confuses me. I can't seem to find an easy way to know when to use one or the other :-/


Thanks. This helps a lot. :)


I think está is for temporary things. Él está cansado = he is tired. But he is not always tired. Maybe es is for permanent things. Élla es una mujer = he is a woman. She always will remain so. The same goes for soy and estoy. Just my understanding. Correct me if I am wrong.


*she is a woman


Why it is wrong to put "...está no..." instead "...no está...". But it's correct to put "...no es..." instead of "...es no...".


You are contradicting yourself


Why is it ocupado and not ocupada?


papá - ocupado
mamá - ocupada


Está - is
Esta - this (female)


Oh my gosh, thank you I couldn't not figure out when to use which one and why!!


Mi mamá está ocupada. Mi papá está ocupado.


padre should be accepted. Dad equals father


padre is for more formal use. papa is more common. but I get where you are coming from and it should have been accepted


I also put padre


I used "padre" which is a completely acceptable term for "dad" and was given the BIG RED CROSS❌ .... ES ESTUPIDO! yo estoy muy enojado!


The postings I just read are quite helpful here, and I understand why "padre" was marked wrong. But I would like a more general understanding of formal/informal choices. Also, how wrong is "Padre?" To a native speaker, would it just sound quaint, or would it be a serious gaffe?


Get rid of this voice


Used padre and was accepted 17/4/21. Check not another error as thought i'd made that mistake when Xd but had used feminine ocupada instead of ending with o

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