"You always do interesting things."

Translation:Tú siempre haces cosas interesantes.

June 5, 2018


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I wrote "las cosas" as it sounded right. Was it?

November 18, 2018


A minor critique: DL overuses "interesantes." It's not that it's never used, but most Spanish instructors will tell their students to try to think of a more creative way of expressing yourself. I don't know about other Spanish speaking countries, but "onda" is a popular way in Guatemala to refer to things or people that are cool // interesting in a colloquial way. Buena onda = cool, as in Qué buena onda. Qué onda = what's up. Qué onda mucha = hey guys. Mala onda = a bad dude. Qué buena onda hay en este lugar =this place is cool. I think people in Guatemala would know what you meant if you said cosas ondas in this sentence. Saying cosas interesantes does not seem colloquial to me. Perhaps native Spanish speakers can chime in here about how often people in their regions actually use interesantes. Gracias.


Why is "las" not needed. "You" is the subject and not generalized right ?


I typed in "Haces siempre cosas interesantes", and it corrected it to "Haces siempre cosas interesantes". Is there a reason why the tú is necessary here?

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