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What is your Spanish level after Duolingo?

I wonder what is your knowledge os Spanish after finishing Duolingo course, is it A2, maybe even B1? anyone knows? anyone took the exam after learning just from duolingo? I'm having a great streak and I hope to finish the whole course in two months so I wonder what will I be able to do after finishing it

June 5, 2018



This is irrelevant, but I am having the hardest time learning Spanish after engrossing months into learning Swedish. Hopefully, one day,

Duo will ask me, "write this in Spanish," and I write it in Swedish. :0

ONE DAY - One day, I will master Spanish, it will be beneficial to me and I will be happy.


i was afraid i would have the same problem with spanish after learning norwegian, but the solution to this looks pretty easy for me - when I set my mind in spanish accent, spanish words come out, and when I set my mind to norwegian accent, norwegian words come out


Define finishing duolingo?

Crown 1 in everything gets you a golden owl and might be considered complete but you likely don’t now the language well. A1?

Crown 5 in everything maybe A2?


You're right, it was not obvious, but I meant finishing everything in crown 5

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