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  5. "They came home last night."

"They came home last night."

Translation:Ellos vinieron a casa anoche.

June 5, 2018



I said "Ellos volvieron a casa anoche' and I feel like that should be a good translation to English (I already reported it). Anyone else agree?


interesting question, personally i think the question trying trying to demonstrate the difference between volver and venir, so no ,i dont think it should have been accepted


If that's the case, I understand. But in English I feel "to come home" is the same as to 'return home' semantically, at least.


While both "returned home" and "came home" can be used equally well in English sentences, I think "volvieron" and "venieron" are equally good in Spanish. However, if you are translating "they returned home" then you use "ellos volvieron a casa", and if you are translating "they came home", then you use "ellos vinieron a casa".


Agreed, Yakuul. I put llegaron a casa anoche and it was accepted.


I agree completely and believe a spanish speaker would use volver here, not venir. I reported it too.


yeah i agree.


It could be correct but Travel 5 is practising the preterite of venir so that was possibly why you were marked wrong.


I think the difference is that "Ellos vinieron a casa anoche" suggests that the speaker is in the same home, while "Ellos volvieron a casa anoche" suggests that the speaker is in a different home. There is no way to tell from the English which is meant, so I completely agree that it should be accepted.


If there's anything I've learned here it's that you should never try to apply semantics of one language to another :D


Why not, "en casa?"


Use "en casa" when referring to a location within the house. E.g. "Tengo un perro en casa" (I have a dog at home), or "Quiero estar en casa" (I want to be home). Use "a casa" when there is traveling involved, or when there is movement towards the home. E.g. "Voy a casa" (I'm going home), or "El fue a casa despues de la fiesta" (He went home after the party)


I am here to learn to speak Spanish not to learn how to translate Spanish so I support Duo being particular about which different words are used. When saying came home, using vinieron makes sense. When saying returned home, using volvieron makes sense.

Even though the meanings are similar it seems to me it is better to stick to the statements being offered rather than composing how it might be said using different words.


Thanks for the explanation pkingiam... as never sure when en casa or a casa.


Any thoughts on using "llegar" instead of "venir?" Thanks!


That would mean "they arrived home". Probably a fine substitution to make in conversation, but probably not here.


I checked 4 translation apps and got volvieron, vinieron, and regresaron. Volvieron should definitely be accepted.


Volver and regresar mean to return or to come/go back home. Not the same.


Isn't that what come home means in English? I think the trouble here is that Duolingo just doesn't know English very well.

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