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The lesson "People 2" just magically appeared as completed and well ahead of my current progress.

I signed into Duo just now to continue working on the German course to find a lesson I had never noticed before appear as completed. I don't know if it was even at its current location previously or if it was added or moved. A lesson called "people 2" appeared as completed at roughly the halfway point of the tree. In doing so it unlocked all the lessons between the 4th "Checkpoint" ("Numbers 3" and "Materials") where my current progress is, and this Lesson that I had never noticed. Eight new lessons that I should not yet have access to were opened. I clicked on the mystery lesson and attempted to do a practice to see if I recognized the material, thinking that possibly the lesson has just been moved by Duo , but was greeted by an error message.

Is this a glitch? I have checked on three devices and it replicated on all three.

Is Duo making some sort of change?

Is there some action I should take, will it resolve itself in time, or is there nothing to resolve and I should just carry on?

Has anyone else experienced this, or am I alone in this peculiarity?

Thank for any help you may be able to offer. Curious

June 5, 2018



It's a bug with the crown system, unfortunetly. The People 1 and People 2 skills have their crown progress incorrectly linked.

There are a few other bugs just like that with some other skills in the tree as well. I'm surprised that it still hasn't been fixed yet.

You can file a bug report to add to the number of people reporting the bug.


Thanks. I reported it. So as far as you know, this is a glitch that started with the crown introduction? I have only ever known Duo since the crowns, not before. Some time ago, my "Pos. Pron" and "Nom. Pron" leveled up in unison. It didn't matter which you picked, both always showed the same progress. I assumed that was intentional. Do you know if that was in fact supposed to happen or another of Duo's oddities? Thanks


Yes, it was the crowns that introduced the bug. Also, yes Possesive Pronouns and Nominative Pronouns are also bugged in the same way.


This happened to me this morning too, with the pronouns skills. I did the first lesson of possessive and it thinks I also did the first lesson of nominative. :-( At least I know I'm not the only one! I just sent a bug report.

The funny thing is, my progress page on duome.eu (correctly) shows that I haven't started Nominative Pronouns yet, even though my tree shows that I've completed 1/2 lessons.


Something like this happened to me:
As you can see Future 3 appeared with a crown lvl of 1 while Abs. Ob. 1 and Present 3 have 0 crowns and Body 2 isn't even unlocked.


I tried to post my screen shot too but for the life of me couldn't figure it out. I though i could just cut and paste, but it doesn't seem to want to let me paste. Is there some trick I'm missing?


To post a picture you have to upload it to an image hosting site like Imgur, then type ![](Image URL). For example, ![](https://i.imgur.com/16XFER0.png) gives


Same problem with Dutch. After doing the first "Body" skill, it unlocked about 1/3rd of the remainder of the course, until "Health", which is with one crown. Calendar is also with one crown and Verbs 2 got 1 point of practice of level 0.


Exactly the same thing happened to my Dutch course, which I reported to Duolingo a few days ago. I haven't seen any corrections to my tree so far, although I expect they have a lot of crown-related bug reports to sort through.


Me too, with exactly the same skills in the Dutch tree. Body is linked with Health 1, and Time with Calendar. Sent a bug report. Strange that it hasn't been fixed in at least 3 months now.


The links no longer seem to be there (at least they aren't for me), but Body still unlocks down to Health 1 in Dutch.


Hi erikwingard,

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same thing over here with spanish. my progress on Present 2 was linked with To Be. To Be leveled up when i reached the lesson with estar in Present 2. all the skills in between were unlocked as well.


Same here. My last points were Shopping, Travel and Numbers 2 parts. But now it shows that I'm on "People 2" part.


The last points I had earned the night before, were leveling "Numbers 3" up to a level 3, but nothing happened at that time. It wasn't until the following morning that when I opened the App, I was greeted to the animation that turned the "People 2" gold. My "Shopping", "Travel", and "Numbers 2" had already all been gold for a couple days at least. Did you report your incident?


Same thing happened to me with Future 3. It unlocked as halfway to level 2 actually, so in just reviewing it I already bumped it to level 3, and every time I practice Future 3, Future 2 bumps up as well.


To the person sending what seemed like upset messages that we weren't posting on the right thread. Why would we, for example, look for this topic on the German thread, when we are studying another language? Anyway, no harm, no foul, but it shouldn't have expected that we would all comment on "the" right thread.


I apologise if I came across as upset, that wasn't the case at all. I certainly didn't expect you to have looked here for an earlier discussion, my intent was simply to let you know that there was an earlier one here and ask you to post future comments here to keep everything on the subject contained in one place, rather than spread all over the forums (there were already about 20 discussions on the subject, a nightmare to keep track of!). :)


Same thing for me with the Russian tree. I did the last lesson on row 11, and when row 12 got unlocked, the skill "People 2" appeared with Crown Level 1, even though I have obviously never done anything with it. I have seen at least one other user mention the same thing: "People 2" in the Russian tree. Oddly enough it is the same skill as the one mentioned in this thread about the German tree, but that is probably just a coincidence.


It happened to me as well


Same here with Dutch, happened when started with Body.


Same for me at Body. Problem still did not fixed.


I have the same bug as well!


I think they just fixed it. My tree seems back to normal


Fixed mine too, but left me with some undeserved extra crowns. ;-) ;-/


The same just happened to me with the Dutch course. It looks like I did way more lessons than I actually did. Basics 2 and Phrases 1 are completed though I was still working on them and many other skills have leveled up though I didn’t practice them recently...

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