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"Yo estoy comiendo en el café."

Translation:I am eating at the cafe.

June 5, 2018



I'm eating in the cafe should be accepted...


I am eating in the cafeteria was marked wrong!


Apparently, there are some "bugs" yet to be worked out in the new, supersized Duolingo program. I translated the Spanish sentence as "I am eating in the cafe." The computer generated response gave me credit for a correct answer but cautioned me to "Pay attention to the accents: I am eating in the café."


ah yes, the difference between cafe and café in english is usually about 50 dollars


Heh, heh! Thank you, Paul, for making this old man laugh!


That's Starbucks pretty much


I don't get it, James. "Café" is correct.


Cafe is the correct word in English and is a shortening of the word cafeteria. Café is an alternative and comes from the French.


No, "cafe" is not a shortening of the word cafeteria. It comes from the French café.


But "cafeteria" comes from "coffee house" which comes from "coffee maker".


I have in the cafe also, and its acceptable in the english language


When I first heard this sentence, I didn't hear a "Yo." This happens once in a while, but usually at the end of the recording. Anyway, I made a my (sin yo) answer should be accepted report. Second time around, I heard the yo. Sorry Duo. I take it back.


I will meet you at the café. I am eating in the café. There is a difference in maintaining between "in" and "at." The correct meaning for "en la café" is "in the café."


"I ate at Lupita's yesterday, but I today I'm eating at the cafe on Main street."


why sometimes estoy and other time yo estoy


Duo often (usually?) includes the yo in the answer even if the sentence is fine (and accepted) without it.


I had the "cafe vs café" issue. Very annoying when I'm trying to skip through a lesson I already know and can't get more than three wrong.


I must be very stupid. What's the issue? The word is always "café". We all know that, so why is it news? I leave off punctuation when I am trying to get through more quickly as well btw. So long as I know the right answer, and Duo will tell me anyway (hopefully).


Why do i need to have to have estoy ?

[deactivated user]

    The words "estar" (to be) + "gerundio" (gerund) are how you write a present continuous tense in Spanish. For example, "Estoy comiendo una manzana. " means I'm eating an apple.


    Bar should be accepted


    In the US, at least, cafes and bars are two different things. (And the Spanish word for bar is bar.)


    I said "la" - 'cause that's what I heard - and got marked wrong for it!


    We've all misheard things and been marked wrong for it. As you move on, you'll get better at using other words in the sentence to help you decide in cases like this. For example café is masculine, so la would be incorrect. It takes a while.


    I am eating the coffeshop was given as wrong. Bah!


    You forgot "en".

    I think you are spoofing, and that is OK.

    Still, your interpretation shows how one can do literally-correct translations when disregarding context. Thus, you could say "I am eating at the brown" and insist it is correct because café can mean brown. It is a fun game, but not useful for actual translations.

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