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  5. "Yo no conozco a tu novia."

"Yo no conozco a tu novia."

Translation:I don't know your girlfriend.

June 5, 2018



pulls back gun barrel Yeah you better not, esse.


Why conozco and not conoco and why the a afyerwards?


It is how conocer is conjugated. You have to be prepared to look up conjugations of verbs or just note them as Duo introduces a new one.


conocer is an irregular verb and the irregular verbs must be memorized http://www.spanishdict.com/conjugate/conocer although there is also a rule about c's and vowels. As far as the 'a afterwards' it is really an a - the personal a - used before people references. see here: http://www.bowdoin.edu/hispanic-studies/tools/newgr/ats/21.htm


Because the verb of conocer is irregular. So the yo form adds the z to help it sound better. There are a lot of different irregulars int he spanish language, it takes ti,e to learn them


"We didn't really exchange names first."


I am not familiar with your girlfriend was marked wrong! When that phrase was used in a preceding question!


I never met your girlfriend is the same as haven't met. Why wrong??


Maybe because although similar in meaning they are actually not the same are they? There is a Slanish word - in fact there are two - for "never" so as this is a Spanish course the absence of either of those words suggests you don't put "never" in the English translation.


Is it know in the biblical sense?


“i didn’t meet your girlfriend” - marked wrong.

in an earlier exercise duo marked me wrong for using “know” instead of “meet” for conozco. weird.


First of all, meet vs know is dependent on context. Second, "I didn't meet your girlfriend" is technically past tense, and the current exersize is present tense. Your entry would translate to something closer to "Yo no conocí a tu novia."


Estelle0 I wrote "No conozco a tu novia." Cannot believe this is marked incorrect. The Duolingo person who marked this wrote as follows: "You missed a word"--followed by the sentence as above with the word 'no" underlined--if I missed it why is it underlined????? PLEASE let me know how to report this!!


How do I turn my microphone back on? HELP!


I said "I don't meet your girlfriend" why it is wrong?


It is wrong because that is not grammatically correct in English. You can only truly meet someone once, and this sentence implies this is an action that takes place every week or so.


novia sounded like novio to me. How should it distinguish 'o' and 'a' ?


Speaker needs to speak endings of words clearer

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