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About criteria...

Many times we have talked about the US - Spanish course. Someone have said that indeed it's a Spanish Mexican course and not an general Spanish one. Well, I have always wanted to keep a equilibrate position evaluating the pros and cons. Indeed, DL has many good things. I understand that DL were at first a kind of university experiment (I guess), and the number of collaborators was very limited. So, fine aspects technics about criteria at the time of build the course it seems to me they were set aside. At that moment other priorities were more important.

I was convinced that the extraordinary success would bring us some reflections to improve the curse in some ways; esthetics, reliability and so on. But the core of all is to find a set of words used in all countries of Spanish-speaking. Even if in Spain a word is little used, if it's used in the others countries we could accept it. But this is not the case. But this I know it already. Why then this post?

I sincerely used to think DL had an intention to correct this situation and to adopt a criteria from now on. But I get into duel and when I finish the battle it appears a screen with the title "PUNTAJE".

There is a lot of words with the same meaning that are used in all countries... "Puntuaci├│n" "marcador". "Puntaje" is a word that is NEVER used in Spain. Even in many countries of Spanish-speaking that word neither is used regularly. So. Which is the criteria? Sometimes I have listen to Luis saying that differences are few. I have finished both trees before talking, but now I'm making a recompilation of the localisms, ways of expression, use of the pronouns and adjectives, and anglicisms (por per for in time sentences) and so on, and I'm sure that they aren't so few.

Sometimes I hear the serious intention of get certificates that someday can be official and can serve to prove someone. Nowadays, in Spain, it's impossible that this can happen. No one institution of education can accept a certificate in these conditions. And more still, in the EU neither.

I don't have any problem to accept the right of each country to talk and write as they want, repeat, any. Furthermore, I have many friends Chileans, Argentinian, Mexicans an so on in several forums and we talk in a way more seemed to Spanish than here.

And I would want remember to DL that it's using the Spanish flag in its course and this has a meaning and a responsibility. Some friends I recommended DL are calling me and saying me... Ehhh, aris, do I seen???? ... We are Tenochtitlan next to Cibeles... jajajaja. Well I'm a fan of Aztec empire and the Inca empire too, I have several books about them, but the symbol in the French course is neither a monument of Cameroon nor Canada nor Belgium, and the symbol in the US course is neither a monument of Philippines. Why not in Spanish course an Argentinian monument, by example... I don't know. Is there no monuments that can represent all Spanish talkers? (since it seems that DL does not consider a monument that match the flag)?

Alberca, Tenochtitlán... Sure is there not a Spanish Mexican course?

I know, I know... I'm prepared to receive a thousand negative points and "piropos" extracted of the appropriate skill, but this is what I think and even though it costs to me a great criticism, I will suffer it in the best way I can.


4 years ago