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Missing speaking exercises

Hello! I´ve been asking this question a while in other discussions and chat without answer. Do you have speaking exercises? Because I have all of the microphone settings ON and, even when I am in "Restaurant" Level, up until now I haven´t done not a single PRONUNCIATION exercise. What about you? How do I solve this problem? Thank you!

June 5, 2018



I would like to find the same solution.


Hello, Akane417584, No one answered? hm.. I don't know how "Restaurant Level" is like, but if you really want to practice proper pronunciation of words in Japanese, I may be able to help you online. I am not a professional Japanese teacher, but at least I am a native Japanese speaker with a certificate of Japanese-language teaching competency :)


Hi Green-wings! Thank you for your offer, you are very kind. I am more than happy to accept your help. In exchange I can help you with english (not a native speaker but almost) and spanish (native speaker). How do you propose to connect?


You are welcome, Akane417584, I am fine without language-exchange. You sound like a motivated learner, so I would just like to take your learning to a higher level. That's all. :) I can use Google Hangout on pc, Line or Skype on iPhone. How about you?


Hi again! I don´t know how to use Hangout but, Can I use Line on Android? if I could, I prefer that option


Did you see another post about a studying group? https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27591707 I just joined and it seems to have an audio function for conversations. Can you join the study group? It sounds good to me.


Maybe a good thing would be to team up with a Japanese learning your language and talk over WhatsApp or similar? (btw, I'm French native speaker, still far too basic Japanese!)


Thanks for your idea!


Some courses have speaking exercises (for example, I know them from the DE -> FR course), but not all. As far as I know, the EN -> JA course doesn't have speaking exercises.


Thanks for your answer! And the course not having speaking exercises is a shame.


Hello Akane,
Your entry is a breath of fresh air! I'm looking for an immersive way to interact with people like you in both spoken and written Japanese. Most people don't even use Duolingo's post capability to interact with each other. I have a feeling that there are other's like us that are serious about improving and who actually would like to have a serious conversation beyond, "これはペンです." I invite you an anyone else to continue to expand on this conversation. Let's take this to the next level! Makoto


Hi Makoto!! Glad you found my post so refreshing! I´m doing my best to learn japanese by this "auto-studying" mode. I use other apps too to complement and cover for Duo´s lack offs. I would love to continue this conversation or create a Club here to speak and practice. Akane

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