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New crown system

Hey guys,

First of all: i LOVE duolingo. have been studying spanish consistently for a few years, and the changes are very much needed. BUT, i feel like people like me that completed the tree now have to start from 0 in A LOT of subjects, is extremely demotivating. I don't wanna complete 30 levels of levels each that i already know 99% of the words of, just because a few sentences were added.

I dont feel like existing users got the settlement they deserved, this will cost a lot of people hours and hours of frustrating easy exercises..

June 5, 2018



I agree with Kevin. Whatever kind of arbitrary system you invent is fine, but once you set one up don't pretend it doesn't matter to users when you decide to knock it down. Make changes that don't negate what people have already completed.


Noted. Now suck it up and get to work.


What I like about the crown levels /new changes is that you don't have to redo any lessen after you feel comfortable. Like in the old format your strength goes down and you have to do lessons again to turn it back to gold. Now you just stay at the same level until you decide to work on that particular subject again. I haven't really lost any progress, [that I know of] even though I am pretty far into the Spanish courses so I really can't speak for that.


I miss all my old coins. Talking about years ago. Many changes since Try this a little while but first jump way ahead to some subject you like and you will see why this repetition is important. you can jump around. The earlier lessons are mostly for beginners. So everyone that is just starting will get the repetition you and I missed. I bounced around and tried different things and found there is solid reasoning for these teaching methods. Try it and, like me, I think you will appreciate more what duo is trying to do. I liked all my gold now it's a Christmas tree. You will get used to that and take up the challenge of so many lessons. Repetition. It really helps.


I completely agree


I would like to find out my fluency . I'm at crown 94.

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