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New Tree - Skill Jump?

Hi everyone

When the new tree appeared last week or so, I got a lot of skills on level 0, violett ones. Of course I am working on leveling them up right now.

Every violett skill has 4 lessions to do, bevor you're supposed to get to level 1 of this skill. Now it happens a lot to me that i make 2 or 3 of those lessons and then, suddenly, the skill gets blue (so, level 1 is reached, even if i did'nt complete all the 4 lessons required).

My question ist just: is it supposed to work like that?

June 6, 2018



I'd guess lessons were counted as previously completed from before the update. It just isn't shown, because it doesn't include the first lesson of the skill. At least, that's how it worked with the Dutch tree update.


I have seen a few posts about this but no answers.

Like you are getting a bonus lesson completed. maybe because of no mistakes?

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