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Portrait mode

I have used Duolingo for two years and can relate to the difficulty with the recent upgrade. I no longer enjoy it like I did. However my main problem is since the upgrade I cannot use my tablet on landscape mode which I always used and can stand it on my desk and type easily. Now the app only works in portrait mode and I have to hold it and type and the keyboard is pokey so I hit the wrong key and find it so frustrating. Has anyone else had this issue and what can I do to fix it??? Thanks.

June 6, 2018



It works OK on my iPad and even on my iPhone. What tablet are you using and are you using the app or the website?


Thanks for your help. I am using the app on my tablet it is an Ollee but I have a Samsung Tablet too and it does the same on that, puts me straight to portrait even though I don't use it for anything.


I used a tablet for 2 years and recently switched to desktop, it's so amazingly much quicker, more convenient, easier and over all a better experience. Try desktop maybe?


Thanks for your help. Yes I have desktop on my computer and I works fine on that, I do use that sometimes too. Tablet is just more portable if I am on the move.


If your tablet/Android version allows split screen/multi-tasking, you can open two apps at once. Duolingo as one and browser or whatever else as the second. You can resize the Duolingo app up to 2/3 of the screen size in landscape mode. This will allow you to put/use two Android apps on your screen at once. Although not ideal, it will allow you to use your keyboard in full screen landscape mode. Most Samsung tablets with recent Android versions will support this.

Long Duolingo sessions can really stress my thumbs (painful from the angle) using a 10 inch tablet in portrait mode and does lead to A LOT of typing mistakes. So this does help. I also wish they would bring back landscape mode on android.

Do a search for Android split screen multi-tasking for instructions. Rotate to landscape before selecting apps and Duolingo will be in landscape.

Hope that helps,



Ed, thanks for your help. I have followed some advice to download the old version of the app and it is working fine. So I will wait for them to fix it now before I update again. My tablet is android and it was helpful what you wrote too, thanks. Wendy

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