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  5. "Amezoeleka na watu hapa"

"Amezoeleka na watu hapa"

Translation:She is familiar with the people here

June 6, 2018



-zoelea = get used to -elea = float/be clear/be evident/be on the surface -eleka = carry/heap up/put one thing on top of another


It's got nothing to do with -elea. It's from:

-zoea = to get used to

with the addition of the applicative suffix (called the "prepositional extention" in this course) plus the mediopassive suffix (erroneously called the "stative" extention in a lot of materials).


Better translation of the English: Ame(wa)zoea watu hapa

The Swahili seems to mean "she is customary with the people here" ... ?

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