"¿Es tarde o temprano?"

Translation:Is it late or early?

5 months ago



Why not, "Is he late or early?" If it were a girl should it be, "Es tarde o temprana?"

1 month ago


As pointed out by someone else in an earlier sentence, if the subject were a person the verb would have to be "estar". That's because it would be a temporary condition.

2 weeks ago


one of the possible answer given by Duo is "Sooner or later" What does not Work? and another question. Why not : Is it late or early?

5 months ago


I would say early or late, probably because it rolls off the tongue easier that way. Why is the Spanish expression expressed this way?

3 months ago


Why can't it be 'are you late or early?'

2 months ago


kinda funny, because in English everyone says it the other way, "Is it early or late?" but, viva la diferencia!

2 months ago
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