June 6, 2018



Is there supposed to be audio for this?


We would love to have audio for the course, but there isn't any audio yet, nor do we have a timeline lined up for adding it, unfortunately.


So now that there's audio, a note on the pronunciation of qeylIS. As you know if you read the Tips and Notes, the stress on a two syllable Klingon noun with no qaghwI'mey tends to fall on the second syllable, but the name Kahless, which predates tlhIngan Hol, has always been given first syllable stress, the English default. While I was recording for Discovery I tried using second syllable stress for the name, but while I was working on that first episode, I consulted Marc Okrand about the Klingon name for the planet Donatu V. I thought it might be a Falklands/Malvinas situation, where the disputing parties had completely different names for the territory, but Marc told me one of his naming principles. He wants non-Klingon speakers to be able to hear a string of Klingon and pick out the words they recognize, for a satisfied sense of *there, they said it, they're really saying the thing." I took that to heart and tried to stress names the same way the actors were doing it in English. There will be a few that slipped through, because I hadn't heard anyone say it before I had to record, or--in the case of Shenzhou--everyone was saying it a little differently at first, and I don't think I caught all the recordings after it was standardized.

And totally off topic, I tried to get them to pick one pronunciation of kilometre but I guess even in the 23rd century, we haven't settled that.


Yes? But not yet.


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