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I'am new to duolinogo and trying the English - Spanish course, to improve my English and learn Spanish. So i have read somewhere there was an option to (re)learn your overdue/least strongest words. But when I try the practice button at the homepage I feel like it just gives me randomly selected phrases.

Is there another option? Or is it best to check the words from the 'words' tab, and select the associated skill.



June 6, 2018



Those "randomly selected phrases" are the ones that Duolingo has determined are the weakest. The software remembers how long it has been since you saw a word/sentence, how often you hover for a hint, and how often you miss or get an exercise correct.

I don't know of a way to find out what exercise a weak word is in, but if anyone has a way I'd love to hear it!


Thank you! Clear explanation. Makes sence, and so it will be working better after more training. :)


duome.eu/your_username_here/progress can show you which lessons are due for rehearsal. If or exactly how that is linked to world strength, I do not know.


Practice is based on your weakest works.

If you are looking for weakest skills, try https://duome.eu/Menno_/progress

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