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Sveriges nationaldag den 6:e juni

Idag är det Sveriges nationaldag och alla är lediga. Dagen har tidigare varit svenska flaggans dag och har först på senare år blivit landets nationaldag.

Naturligtvis firas dagen med flaggviftning, konserter och olika lokala arrangemang.

Har du firat nationaldagen idag?

http://www.skansen.se/sv/nationaldagen https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sveriges_nationaldag

June 6, 2018



I haven't really celebrated it, but I rarely do. I might add that Swedes don't really celebrate National Day in the same sense as many other countries. That, however, doesn't mean that Swedes don't love Sweden – only that it takes different forms in different countries and cultures. Celebrating Swedishness is rarely about American-style greatness but more about Sweden being lovely (Sw. "härligt"), especially so in the summer months.

To some people, including me, real celebrations instead take place at Midsummer, which is a very important holiday to most Swedes. Midsummer is celebrated on the first Friday after the 20th of June. Festivities usually include lots of food, some schnapps or beer (but please don't drink if there are children around!), singing and dancing around a maypole. Essentially, it's a big party weekend. As for the food, it does of course include the staple food of all Swedish holidays; pickled herring, potatoes, cheese and crispbread.


My local Ikeas are now in sort of no go areas. One in a city center of a town I would rather not visit, because of minor annoyances, if not dangerous situations; and the other because the train stop is in a lonely area with a long walk in emptyish ground to get there, also in not such a lovely town.

Too bad, because I would love to celebrate the Midsummer holiday with Vastergard cheese, soft Swedish bread with cardamom, and their creamed fish roe in a tube from Ikea. (Potatoes and herring I can find in any grocery store here.) Yum yum, I miss going to Ikea for Swedish food, like I once did often. Oh well, I must remember that life is better for more people, even if it is not as good for me.


Du kanske hinner dit (IKEA) innan Midsommar i alla fall!


Thank a lot for the information on Swedish traditions and culture :) I think I'm going to celebrate Midsummer this year.


Goda kakor till kaffet :)


Vi tog en tur till diverse sevärdheter i närområdet: naturumet vid fågelsjön Tåkern, runstenen i Rök (världens längsta runinskrift!), Omberg och Vadstena slott. Lite historia, lite natur, lite geocaching.


Mycket trevligt sätt att fira nationaldagen med geocaching.


Känner vi rent av varandra? Ditt användarnamn ser misstänkt bekant ut. ;)


Jag tror att vi ses då och då i geocachingsammanhang - vi får börja konversera på tyska istället. :)


Ja, das wäre vielleicht gut!


In 2012 we visited a former Swedish exchange student for his high school graduation. We saw some of the festivities in Stockholm and saw the king/queen/princess and newly married prince as they came up a parade route in horse drawn carriages. Det var i djurgår den.


Roligt att du träffade kungen och hans familj även om det var på lite avstånd.


Maybe someone here can answer this question. It seems that in Nordic countries, there is an unusual (to me) arrangement that they do with bedding, specifically duvets. Two people sleeping in a double, or queen, or king, each have their own duvet or quilt to wrap up in. It seems like it would be a fussy thing to make up such a bed in the morning with the careful folding under of two individual quilts, and possible straightening out a loose pillow-top as well. I am getting this information from shows I watch-- Bron, Bonusfamilj, others. Can anyone confirm this or even add to my knowledge of Nordic style bedding? Tack!


What's this "make up the bed" you speak of? ;)


Hm. A chore you don't do? Try it! It's lovely to slip into a "made" bed at night.

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