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"If I have learned anything, then this."

Translation:Wenn ich eins gelernt habe, dann das.

March 25, 2013



This makes no sense in english, it seems to be a fragment of something else. Do they mean- 'if I have learned anything, then it is this'?


Kann ich auch sagen - "Wenn ich alles gelernt habe, dann das." 'Alles' is used as the translation for anything, why is it not correct? Irgendetwas should also work, no?


"Irgendetwas" yes, "alles" no. "Alles" usually means "everything" or "all".


Can someone help me with the "ge" prefix? Why is this "gelernt" instead of "lernt?"


"gelernt" is the past tense of "lernen". "lernt" is the third person present tense. For example: "Ich habe gelernt" (I have learned) vs. "Er lernt" (He learns). Hope that helps


Can anyone explain what this means in English? The only thing I can think of that's even close is, "If I have learned anything, this is it" or "I learned everything, then this happens," neither of which really have much use in English.

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