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"Por favor, yo necesito mucha agua."

Translation:Please, I need a lot of water.

2 months ago


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"Please, I need much water." Is this really wrong?

2 months ago


It doesn't sound very modern, which probably was the point.

2 months ago


As far as I know, despite ending in an "-a", agua is a masculine word. One would say "El agua," right? Why then would it be "mucha agua" rather than "mucho agua?"

2 months ago

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Agua is in fact a feminine noun, but the article el is used to avoid the awkward sounding double "ah" sound of la agua. But when adjectives are used, they must agree with the actual gender of the noun, which is feminine.

2 months ago


gua is always feminine, but it uses the masculine article in the singular because it begins with the letter A and the first syllable is accented, and if it were preceded by la it would sound like lagua. It is feminine even when it uses a masculine article, and any adjectives that modify it must always be feminine.

3 weeks ago


I agree - I'm not sure why it is "mucha" instead of "mucho" - I'd like to understand that. Also, for the other portion of this discussion, I don't interpret "mucha" as "much" but rather "a lot" so it would be saying, I need a lot of water.

2 months ago


Perhaps his house is on fire!

1 month ago


This sounds really weird. I translated it to "I need more water please" but the answer was rejected. Sounds really unnatural!

2 months ago


roenw22, It was rejected because you used "more" in your translation. "Más" is not used in the Spanish sentence. Gracias!

2 weeks ago


Why not mucha de agua

1 month ago

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I also wrote "Please , I need much water" It was marked wrong. DL offered "Please, I need many water" as a correct answer!

5 days ago