"My class has seven students."

Translation:Mi clase tiene siete estudiantes.

4 months ago



I'm not sure how the Spanish think about it, but it tuns my stomach to see this sort of English. I was taught that 'to have' means originally 'owing' . In this case you'd have to say: "There are ..., ... in my class" .
Maybe it's the other use of 'to have', that has caused this, a little more complicated structure. I mean , as an auxiliary verb. The same structure is also in German, Swedish, Norwegian/ Danish/ Icelandic ... But I suspect that it goes back to Latin (?)

4 months ago


Why TIENE and not TENGO?

2 months ago


tiene means 'he/she has.' tengo means 'i have.'

2 months ago


Tengo = i have, tiene = you have, in this case the the class has dont really know how to explain it lol

2 months ago
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