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"Nicht" Lesson Feedback

Hello, I am currently very satisfied with my German course on Duolingo. However, upon reading the lesson information for the use of "nicht" before and after verbs, I was very confused and hoped the lesson would teach me more.

This was not the case, about 98% of this lesson has my type things like "I am ready, He is ready, the cat is funny, the boy is ready" and hardly any use of the word "nicht". Furthermore, the phrases that did have use "nicht", was the most basic and standard uses and the location of the word is where it would be found in English such as "Das ist nicht gut, Er ist nicht fertig, Es ist nicht lustig".

I have learnt nothing about the use of nicht and its location in a sentence. I feel this Lesson needs expanding to use the word more often and to have us use "nicht" in different sentence structures

June 6, 2018

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I believe this section is called "Negative and positive statements"; that's why there are also sentences without negation in it.

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