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"We will eat at thirteen hundred hours."

Translation:maSopDI' wa'maH wejlogh Qoylu'pu'.

June 6, 2018

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I answered wa'maH wej vatlh rep maSop (because I think you guys are totally wrong about Qoylu'pu' using military time). You're gracious enough to accept the correct "military time" answer, but I'm being told that I require a space between wej and vatlh.

Given that we're only told about military time in the Conversational Klingon audio (it's not written for us), and given that Okrand is inconsistent about whether he spaces numbers and number-forming elements, and given that it's thirteen hundred, not ten, three hundred, the default for military time should be with a space, and lacking a space should be an accepted answer.

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