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"SopDI' mara, wa'maH chorghlogh Qoylu'pu'."

Translation:Mara will eat at eighteen hundred hours.

June 6, 2018



My more literal answer of When Mara eats, it is eighteen o'clock should be accepted.


I disagree that eighteen o'clock should be accepted. Six (o'clock) PM is the correct clock version of this time.


That's not my point. The point is that the course is requiring the idiomatic (something happens) at (some time). And that's fine, but this also more literally means when (something happens), it is (some time). This form, whatever the time happens to be, should also be accepted.

Military time in Klingon is explained in Conversational Klingon. Eighteen hundred hours is expressed as wa'maH chorgh vatlh rep. Elsewhere, we learned of a rarer, non-military way to tell time, which is the Qoylu'pu' form. Duolingo is accepting both military time (eighteen hundred hours) and non-military time (eighteen o'clock) answers, and that's fine. That wasn't my point here.


What does a Klingon clock look like?


I'm just happy that klingons have 24 hour days, 60 minute hours, and 60 second minutes.


I translated it the same way because of the comma.


My answer of, "When Mara ate, it was 6:00 PM" was rejected. Again.


And audio for this course is in its infancy. I do know that someone has been working on improving the course.

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