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"El estudiante tiene preguntas."

Translation:The student has questions.

June 6, 2018



The student has some questions. It was accepted.


Can estudiante start with el or la depending on the sex of the student, and the word itself doesn't change?


Yes it can. "Estudiante" itself doesn't change, but you can certainly be more specific with the "la" or "el. Good question. :)


On mobile I typed "el estudiante tiene preguntas". It says no, the correct answer is "el estudiante tiene preguntas." ???


That is very strange. The only problem I could think of would be if you had the English auto-correct on and it changed what you typed.


the woman does not pronounce the end s of the words


This is a tricky sentence.


In English we say "have questions" not "has"!!!


If it’s a single student, then “has” is correct.


My answer was the same as the "Oops" so what is correct?


Why not "tiene las preguntas"


That would mean "He has the questions"


My answer was marked wrong ☹️


I had to do this probema tres times ,when I pushed the check button the plural was taken off and made singular which was wrong.


Is "El estudiante tiene unas preguntas" correct? Or just in english articles are not required when we using noun in plural form or uncountable nouns? Are nouns in spanish countable/uncountable? For example: "Yo bebo leche" and there is no article in contrast to "Yo como un sándwich".

Estoy un poco confundido. ¿Alguien me lo puede explicar, por favor?

[deactivated user]

    El (o la) estudiante tiene pregunta(s). I typed pregunta (singular) because I didn't catch 'preguntas' (plural). Both should be accepted because the example was not enunciated properly. I know that some Spanish accents will omit the final 's' in many words... I learnt some Spanish in Andalucía in Spain a very long time ago... the final 's' is usually chopped off the end. As in, Musha gracia... instead of Muchas Gracias. There's nothing wrong with that, not at all, me gusta mucho andaluz . But in a learning situation, every letter must be pronounced at this early stage. Perhaps there's something wrong with my speakers...


    I really think this question isnt very good.


    The student s "have" questions

    Why is "have" incorrect? Why is the S at the end of the word students by itself??


    Then duo says "The student s got some questions" is correct LOL!! This is not proper English, i mean unless you live in Florida or Georgia


    Answer should be the student have questions... But it accepts has instead of have.. Should be corrected


    maybe not perfect english. The student has a question.


    I just had a question that I got it wrong for putting el estudiante instead of la estudiante. This one wanted el estudiante. How do you know which one (el or la) to use when it's non-specific like this? I know it's feminine but sometimes it's not. I'm confused can anyone give me some clarity? Thanks in advance!


    The student has some questions (the grammar is better in this context)/The student has a question (if it was written 'tiene una pregunta)


    The (s) of 'preguntas' was not clear to me. I got it wrong the first time


    The app said the correct answer is "The student got questions" and marked my answer, "The student has questions" as incorrect.???


    My answer was correct , I don't know why they giving me wrong answer???

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