"Ta kočka vidí rybu."

Translation:The cat sees a fish.

June 6, 2018

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How do i know wether it's sees fish or sees a fish? Like what part of the sentence is telling me that.


rybu is singular accusative so it is one fish.


Where can I find the grammar?


Tips and notes, click on the light bulb on the web.


Is light bulb just for paid version?


No, it is on the web.


Can't the word ryba mean fish in general?


No, that would be plural "ryby". English has "fish" in both singular and plural, Czech does not have the same form.

Or, just see my comment above.

An exception is liking it as food. Then "I like fish." can be "Mám rád rybu." but plural "Mám rád ryby." is much more common (because there are many species).


Thank you. I am Ukrainian, therefore it is easier for me to comprehend Czech directly, not by means of English. In Ukrainian we can say багато риби (hodně ryby). As far as I understand, the Czech language doesn't allow this.


If it means many individual fish then not.

If it means you eat a lot of meat from a fish then it can be "hodně ryby". "I ate a lot of fish." "Snědl jsem hodně ryby." "ryb" would mean you ate multiple individual fish.


I'm enjoying trying to learn Czech but it's a real challenge without grammar explanations. I'm using the app on my smartphone and don't see any grammar tips here. Is that planned for the future?


Ask Duolingo. For now use your web browser.


"That cat sees a fish" - why it's wrong?


It is not wrong. It is correct and accepted.

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