"Yo necesito comprar tres bolígrafos."

Translation:I need to buy three pens.

June 6, 2018


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Bolígrafo, biro, lapicero, lapicera... it's a regional thing.

August 1, 2018


i just moaned into the camera like a drowning deer and it worked

March 18, 2019


I love dulingo

April 22, 2019


Answer: I need to buy 3 biros. I think the answer provided is incorrect. It should be " I need to buy 3 pens."

June 6, 2018


Biro is a trade name for a kind of ballpoint pen (invented by a Mr Bíró), which was widely used in the UK for ballpoint pens in general, though not so much now, I think. A bolígrafo is also a ballpoint pen, so it's actually quite a good translation - if you're familiar with the word!

June 6, 2018


I'm not sure I see the reason for the translator to speak so fast that he's indistinguishable. He runs his words together so fast that I can't understand him. The woman is much easier to understand.

November 5, 2018


Yes but if you want to speak to others who are fluent in spanish they will most likely speak quickly as well

April 7, 2019


When it comes to the pronunciation exercises I am struggling. Is there an area where I could practice with one word at a time? If not this would be helpful.

March 16, 2019


If you use the text to speak function on your phone's keyboard and add spanish as a language you can practise your pronunciation there as it is able to pick up bith sentences in Spanish and English then but only when pronounced correctly will it pick it up correctly. It's a good way to practise.

March 16, 2019


I checked and checkded it sounds right to me, but i am wrong?

May 1, 2019


What is wrong?

June 22, 2019


I answered the question right, it kept marking wrong

August 19, 2019
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