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Just need a little sentence help

Hello! I'm a casual german learner but recently I have been trying to step up and learn more and just in general try and say things in it to myself and such. A while back I saw a video of someone explained how people use "naja" to basically reset the sentence to uncomplicate some sentences so I was just wondering if this sentence was right using that:

"Ich frage, weil naja meine mutter will es wissen."

June 6, 2018



Well, people might say that sentence, but that doesn't make it correct; I wouldn't even call it a colloquial wording. It's just something that happens when you change your mind about what you're going to say. Apart from that - and I really wouldn't recommend learning this as if it was some kind of idiom - the sentence does sound natural. It's a natural way of forming an incorrect sentence :)

I think in this example, you do actually start all over: "Ich frage, weil - ...Na ja, meine Mutter will es wissen." But there's ways to insert a "na ja" ("well") without starting all over: "Ich frage, weil es, na ja, ein bisschen teuer ist." "Ich frage, weil es ein bisschen, na ja, teuer ist."


/quote/ Well, people might say that sentence, but that doesn't make it correct. /quote/
You are right. By now wrong syntax in sentences with "weil" is a very common mistake of native Germans in their our language. Correct, as one complete sentence, would be "Ich frage, weil es, naja, meine Mutter wissen will."

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