"I am thinking of a number from one to ten."

Translation:Myslím si číslo od jedné do deseti.

June 6, 2018

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why is "jeden" feminine "jedne" here?


It is the genitive case of the feminine gender.

We normaly refer to number one as feminine "jedna". But sometimes you will also encounter masculine "jeden". When counting up one, two, three,... both genders are possible.


I do not understand the presence of "si" here. I would have answered Myslím číslo... as I do not see "reflexive" mode of verb think.


What do you mean "I do not see"? It certainly exists and belongs here. And it is common, in fact: "Myslím si, že je to dobré." "I think it is good."

Non-reflexive myslet is usually used with a preposition. "I am thinking about you." "Myslím na tebe."


I also thought that this should be the non-reflexive form of myslet since it is something the person is thinking about rather than an opinion. So shouldn't it be "Myslím na císlo ..."? I could not report it since there was no "na" in the word bank.


That is also accepted.

But here we have something similar to the English difference https://ell.stackexchange.com/questions/9383/think-of-versus-think-about Here we are not just thing and reasonimg about some number. I select some number in my mind and make it the number I am thinking of.


Interesting. So "myslet si" is used when you are assigning some value to something, whereas "myslet na" is simply the act of bringing a thing to mind. Thank you!


It mostly just appears in guessing games.

Like if an illusionist asks you to think of a number or a card and then using some tricks he finds out which number it was. You are not just thinking about the number in a casual way.

The corpus shows these:

... myslím si slovo , ... , máte je najít.

...třeba hrou „ myslím si zvíře “ .

And besides that then just "myslím si opak" (I am thinking the opposite.) and "myslím si nesmysly" (I am thinking of nonsense.).


Thank you. That´s why I was saying "I do not see...", because I did not understand. Now is it clear.

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