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"I do not see a handsome man."

Translation:Ik zie geen knappe man.

3 months ago


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How does the meaning change if I say "ik zie er geen knappe man"?

3 months ago

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If you wanted "er" to mean "there" then you would just say "daar" as in "Ik zie daar geen knappe man" (I don't see a handsome man there). Otherwise, the "er" in your sentence is unnecessary and a native speaker wouldn't say it that way. However, if you left out "knappe man" (which I think is the direct object here) then you would use "er." For example: Your friend says to you "Zie je die knappe man?" (Do you see that handsome man?) You respond: "Waar?" (Where?) "Ik zie er geen een." (I don't see one).

3 months ago