"Ābri rōvī hontī ojehikis."

Translation:The women bless the large birds.

June 6, 2018



How do you know that "rōvī" refers to the birds and not the women?

June 6, 2018


In this sentence, "rōvī" can only refer to the birds because the "ī" at the end of "rōvī" shows agreement with a plural+accusative noun. This matches the case/number of "hontī", while it only matches the number of "Ābri" without matching the case.

E.g. "Ābri rōvī hontī ojehikis." = The women bless the large birds

"Ābri rōvi hontī ojehikis." = The large women bless the birds

June 6, 2018
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