"Forty minutes past seven"

Translation:Saa moja na dakika arobaini

June 6, 2018

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What is past, because it keeps not showing it in the hints


also, what a bizarre way to tell the time. Usually it would be 'saa mbili kasoro dakika ishirini' i.e. 'twenty minutes to 8'


I wouldn't call it bizarre to say "seven forty"


That's not the same as describing minutes past or to the hour. The convention is if it's before the half hour mark it's however minutes past the hour. If it's after the half hour mark it's _ minutes TO the next hour


I see what you mean. In a sentence, it is much more normal to say "twenty minutes to eight" than "forty minutes past seven" in English, too.

Is it necessary to say "dakika" in Swahili or can it be shortened as in "twenty to eight"?

(BTW, in Swedish they express 7:35 as "five over half eight", by which they mean five minutes past half an hour before eight o'clock. Now, that IS bizarre!)


it's not necessary to include 'dakika' since it's usually implied, so to say 'twenty to eight' you can just say it as 'saa mbili kasoro ishirini' and it's understood that the 'ishirini' is referring to minutes.

LOL I think it'd take me a second to figure out what that time translates to!


In Dutch we use the same construction as in Swedish, but go one step further: 07:40 would be "ten over half eight". I remember Swedish people looking strangely at me when I said "tio över halv åtta".

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