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  5. "ghoghDaj yI'Ij!"

"ghoghDaj yI'Ij!"

Translation:Listen to his voice!

June 6, 2018



Is "Listen to the Interesting voice" acceptable?

June 6, 2018


Part of why we always leave no space between a root and a suffix is to help clarify affixes vs. words. Daj is the verb "to be interesting". -Daj is the suffix meaning "his/her". If there were a space between them: ghogh Daj yI'Ij! then it could, indeed, be translated as, "Listen to the interesting voice!"

June 6, 2018


-Thank you both. I think I understand (can I remember is another thing).

June 7, 2018


Unfortunately not, as the Daj in this sentence is a suffix not a verb on its own.

June 6, 2018
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