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  5. "Is the boy Cuban?"

"Is the boy Cuban?"

Translation:¿El niño es cubano?

June 6, 2018



1 is a question the answer given is a statement!!


You're making your judgement based on how English works. While Spanish and English have similarities there are also many differences and sentence structure can be one of them.

In simple questions requiring yes/no answers Spanish usually does use the statement format. The inverted question mark right at the beginning of the sentence tells you this is a question and NOT a statement – that is its purpose. In speech voice inflection is used to make it a question. Context is also relevant.

See my posting here where I already answered a similar question in more detail:


Thank you. Did not know that.


This was a tricky one. I answered as es el niño cubano. Literally!!!


There was no ? for me to select to make my translation a question!!!


I rarely use any punctuation because Duo does not mark it. If you were marked as wrong then there was some other variation in your answer that was considered incorrect.


I was thought boy was chico what's the difference between niño?


How do I type the first question mark before "El" on a Laptop keyboard and also the notation above the N in the word NINO

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