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Update: Did it add words?

Reading old post it seemed we could get close to learning 3,000 words on Duolingo. I'm currently at 2,836 and feel my vocabulary is no where close to fluency. I believe 10,000 words is considered fluent. Does anyone know if the update added words? My only real complaint with Duolingo is that it seems to be for beginners only, hoping the update helped this issue. I'm still too dumb to read anything harder than Clifford or Curious George.

June 6, 2018



The most important things is that duolingo gave me the confidence to start expressing myself in Spanish... From that point of view I became much more fluent and started to talk and be part of the conversation with my Spanish speaking friends once I completed the tree... the vocabulary keeps getting better from then on.


Duolingo gives you a good basis for achieving fluency but it will not get you anywhere near fluent by itself. You will need extra vocabulary and immersion to become fluent.


I believe 10,000 words is considered fluent.

In English maybe, not in Spanish, which has a much smaller vocabulary than English. You could probably get away with half that and still speak and understand 80-90% of average conversations.

Also, duolingo's word count of 3,000 words is a misnomer. How many words is 100 verbs x 6 conjugations x 3 or 4 tenses? That's a lot of words just in verbs alone even accounting for duplicates.


I should have worded this different. I know Duolingo isn't getting me to fluency. I guess its more around, will I ever get beyond a kindergarten reading level? The lowest reading level series of book I've found is La Casa De Arbol or The Magic Treehouse. I hope to order it soon, but at a 2.5 reading level I find it incredibly difficult.

Totally agree with different verb conjugations inflating my word count. All the more reason, I'm hoping the update added vocabulary. I really wish it practiced more with verb tenses other than present and uses pronouns more. Reading and speaking I get thrown off by pronoun word order and more difficult word tenses.


Spicey, I disagree. Every verb conjugation is a word in Spanish. If you get it wrong or use the wrong tense, you will be misunderstood. Verbs are the most important concept in Spanish in my opinion. The word Ir (to go) is nothing like the verb, Voy (I go), Vas (you go) va, vamos , van etc. That’s just present tense. Fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos, fueron, (past tense). They are not interchangeable.


I think duolingo is a good start but not a complete program.

Maybe try other apps like Clozemaster (I think it has 25k words) or memrise?


Starting to read is sometimes a matter of plunging in and suffering through it. Get a popular novel for adults (not literature but something that is considered easy reading.) Start reading the first page. Underline the words you don't know. Look them up at the end of the page, read the page again. Repeat until you finish the book. Use the words for vocab training.

It will suck a lot but you WILL have read your first book and learned an immense amount of new words.

If this feels like too herculean a task, do the same but with a Wiki page.


That's kind of how I've been feeling. Plunge in and suffer through it. Still wish Duolingo could get me to a 2nd grade vocabulary so it would be slightly easier. I'm officially up to 2,861 words learned here. Is anyone over 3,000 words learned?

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