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  5. "Un café con azúcar."

"Un café con azúcar."

Translation:A coffee with sugar.

June 7, 2018

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Stop saying that native English speakers NEVER say this or that! You, or people from your locale, may never —or, most likely, rarely— say, "a coffee,” or whatever the phrase is, but others may say it quite frequently.

…And for Americans, you are NOT the only English speakers, so it does not matter if, “We don't say that in America.” This is an International app. It matters little what is not said in America, (or England, or Australia, or Jamaica, or India). As long as someone says it, it is good. You do not dictate English for the entire world.


I agree, except I think that this course in particular is intended to be based on American English.

However, I think that, whenever possible, Duolingo should still try to use example sentences that are more universally accepted by most English speakers (both inside and outside the U.S.) in order to minimize confusion.

For example, in this case, Duolingo could use "Café con azúcar"/"Coffee with sugar", which is probably accepted by everyone, including all the people who accept "A coffee with sugar".


As an American native speaker, "a coffee" is less common, but perfectly fine to say.


We don't say "a coffee" in the UK either. That is thought of as an americanism. You would as for "coffee" or "a cup of coffee" is most likely


Is z pronounced as s in Spanish?


pronounced 's' in latin america, but pronounced 'th' in España

España 'GraTHias' América Latina 'GraSias'


I think that is mostly regional in Spain. I learnt 'th' from my Catalonian Spanish teacher but when I went to Seville I mostly heard gracias with a soft 'c' sound.


I enter azucar,it didn't accept it, it says its aźucar


Why is it 'con azúcar', is it wrong to say ' Un café de azúcar' ?


café de azucar means a coffee of sugar


Un café de azúcar-> No, because a coffee is not made of azúcar (or filled mainly with it).

"Con" and "de" aren't interchangeable.


Con= with and without?


con - with
sin - without


I typed A cafe with sugar. But it said that I was wrong because I did not say A coffee with sugar!


A café with sugar means, in English, a bar (where they serve coffees) with sugar!


No L in azúcar.

Don't forget the accents.

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