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  5. "An apartment."

"An apartment."

Translation:Un apartamento.

June 7, 2018

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I put the exact same sentence down, but was marked wrong.


yes I spelled mine slightly wrong and it was considered incorrect


So, it's normal. Typos are considered typos only if it's one letter, and doesn't make another existing word. Don't complain to be marked wrong if you entered wrong.


I did the same thing! maybe it meens something else?


Please, people, it's not useful to write that you marked something that was right, and the software said it was wrong.

1- We cannot see what other people wrote. So, you have to tell us. We cannot guess.

2- It happens we make typo without noticing it, so cut & paste your answer to make sure it was exactly what you typed.

3- The given instructions change sometimes, we have to translate to Spanish, or to English, or to hear and write Spanish... and sometimes we write in the bad language. So double check the instructions.

4- You cannot report errors here, they won't read. It's only the forum to get help from other users. If they forgot a good solution, please use the report button. And if it was a bug, take a screenshot to prove the bug.


Probably spelled it wrong.


Sometimes Duolingo can make a mistake. I'm sure that you worked hard. Keep trying!


why do we use "un" instead of "una"? how to differentiate them?


Un for masculine nouns.
Una for feminine nouns.


una is for a girl or something that ends in "a" like una nina. Sometimes the rules change but i don't know why. Un is for a boy or something that ends in ''o" like un nino - hope that helps u


No. it's not for something that ends with "a", but for feminine nouns.
Very often, feminine nouns ends with "a", but some feminine nouns are not with "a", and some nouns with "a" aren't feminine.

The rule never changes: "una" is for feminine nouns, and "un" for masculine nouns.

Masculine nouns don't all ends with "o" and all the nouns ending with "o" are not masculine. Most of the time, they are, but there are exceptions.


Un for masculine nouns, una for feminine nouns


I entered "un piso," which in Spain means apartment.

I know it can mean "Floor," but Duolingo should be smart enough to allow for alternate words. It accepts the word "coche" from Spain for "car"


Please, report "piso", to allow them to add it in the database.

"Departamento" should also be reported.


What is "Un apartamente" then?


"apartamente" doesn't exist, it's "apartamento".


That's not a word! Keep trying!


In Mexico the word is departamento


As " A flat " was not accepted, do the Spanish have a different word for a flat ?

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