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Bad quality lately.

For quite some time now, the quality of the new Spanish translations have been awful. Specifically, there has been a horrible lack of due diligence as far as accounting for the various possibilities for a legitimate answer. For instance, abuelo means grandfather. Duolingo only accepted "grandpa". Once in a while, I understand these things happen. But these are happening much more often. It really is becoming a waste of my time.

June 7, 2018



Unfortunately a lot of errors in the new Spanish update weren't corrected during the alpha test stage, but as someone who was part of that test group, I can assure you that it has come a long way since the testers got it earlier this year. I get several emails a day saying that errors I reported got corrected, so the contributors are working on it. Just report errors when you see them.


I know how you feel. It hasn't been the "best" thing going lately.

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