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"The horse closed all the doors."

Translation:El caballo cerró todas las puertas.

June 7, 2018



Help! I still don';t understand when to use cerro and when to use cerraron


Cerró=he/she/it closed and cerraron=they closed. You have to learn conjugating verbs to understand it easily.


Why is cadas las puertas marked wrong?


Is a female horse not "la caballa"? Google Translate says it means mackerel.

I wrote "La caballa cerró todas las puertas." - is it correct?


In common with references to many types of animal, the species name 'horse' is used regardless of gender. In Spanish, that uses the masculine noun «caballo»

If you want to specifically differentiate the gender of the horse, there are two ways:

A mature male horse is called a 'stallion' («un semental» or «un padrillo»), the female a 'mare' («una yegua»)

Or you could use «caballo hembra» - female horse and «caballo macho» - male horse

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