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"Estamos en el tercer piso, no el segundo."

Translation:We are on the third floor, not the second.

3 months ago



"We ate on the third floor not on the second" could be also accepted?

3 months ago


I'd agree that it should if only "ate" were spelled "are."

(Then I'd say "... Could also be accepted.")

3 months ago


Sure, I meant "are". Sorry for mistyping. It is hard to type on the mobile screen in a bus :)

3 months ago


28.07.2108 "we are on the third floor not on the second" rejected. reported. But google translate gives "estamos en el tercer piso, no en el segundo". for the above phrase, and agrees with DL. that without the "en" "no el segundo" signifies simply "not the second" . Moving on...

1 month ago


Why is 'We are in the third floor not the second one' incorrect?

3 weeks ago