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"I speak Portuguese and Spanish."

Translation:Yo hablo portugués y español.

June 7, 2018



I realize I spelled Português wrong, but I'm sorry to see it was counted as a wrong word - - -it is obvious what I was trying to type.


yea i typed portugese :/
hard word :/


I was marked wrong as I used hablo instead of yo hablo.


Same here. How is this wrong??


You might have made a mistake somewhere else.


you cant use the word ""castellano"?


No because "Castellano" is "Castilian" in English. Spanish could be Catalan, Castilian or any other Spanish language/person.


I've heard native speakers use 'castellano'


I think this is a "Duo-trap". Its a question thrown in every few exercises that, comparatively speaking, is extremely particular in its grading. We get used to not using the pronoun, or getting by with misspelling a word, and the Duo pounces!


Why isnt Español capitalized?


Languages aren't capitalized in Spanish.


I got so fed up misspelling portugués and losing a life that i opened Spanishdict to translate for me and switched between apps. I use this app sometimes to check my Spanish. Just another tool in learning


Is this an example where you can (or should?) use "e" instead of "y" for 'and' because the second word starts with an "e"? I used an "e" and it was marked correct but it doesn't seem to be the ideal solution...


You use "e" when the second word starts with an "i" or "hi" (which is similar to the English "e" sound). For example: Juan e Isabel, hijos e hijas. This is because "y" and "i" sound exactly the same in Spanish, so the two sounds "clash" together, similar to how "a elephant" doesn't sound right in English. You would not use "e" in this sentence.


Ridiculous that spelling Portugues wrong is counted as being incorrect especially when the sentence was composed properly. its frustrating and makes me want to stop, seriously.


Don't stop, you can do this! Duolingo isn't perfect, but it can be immensely helpful if you persevere through the bs :)


Me too! Seems some typos should be accepted


I was counted wrong for mispelli g Portuguese


Marked wrong and was right


I was marked wrong for a spelling error. I added an e to the end of Portugues. I don't understand why this wasn't taken


being dyslexic spelling is not my strong point , if i keep getting things wrong because of that i will get nowhere !


Unfortunately guys Duo is very unforgiving and assumes that everyone wants to learn to spell and write and read the Spanish. So why is it not teaching Spanish Spanish as opposed to South American Spanish or at least offer it as a choice. Of course Portuguese if misspelled could be taken as German or Irish or Hungarian all of which begin with a "P" and end in gese or similar. I have now just given up and ignore the RED BLUR, skip over it and give the answer Duo wants. It is not desirable but does not stress me anymore or is that "any more"?


I keep getting this wrong because I misspell portugués.


Yeah... You are right anu991348✌️

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