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"It looks like my grandmother's bedroom."

Translation:Es sieht aus wie das Schlafzimmer meiner Großmutter.

June 7, 2018



"aus" not at the end of the sentence ? I know it's not an absolute rule that the separable prefix be at the end but it seems like it could work here.


Not a native speaker, but I think "aus" would be correct at the end of the sentence. Es sieht wie das Schlafzimmer meiner Grossmutter aus.


Yes, that's correct, too.

I think I tend to use both versions according to my degree of excitement, but it doesn't matter at all which you choose:

"Es sieht aus wie das Schlafzimmer meiner Großmutter!" could be an exasperated exclamation when I open the door to the hotel room I've booked.

"Es sieht wie das Schlafzimmer meiner Großmutter aus" could mean that I'm looking at an old photo and not sure what room it shows.


stepintime so well explained. I agree completely.


Kann man nicht sagen "Es scheint wie..."?


Is ' es sieht das schlafzimmer meiner grossmutter aus ' correct . In earlier exercises this was correct, but now not . Can any native speaker confirm ?


How do I know when to use Wie and when to use Als? for example- why is it WIE here, but when I say: Ich sage das ALS dein Vater, it changes to Als?


"Ich sage das als dein Vater" = "I am telling you this as your father" - I am your father

"Ich sage das wie dein Vater" = "I am telling you this like your father" - I'm not your father, I'm just copying him, imitating his voice or using his kind of words

...and in the same way:

"Als dein Vater sage ich dir, dass du Anwalt werden sollst." = "As your father I'm telling you to become a lawyer." - the fact that I am your father gives me the authority to tell you what to do (it doesn't, of course :) )

"Wie dein Vater sage ich dir, dass du Anwalt werden sollst." = "Like your father, I'm telling you you should become a lawyer." - your father told you before and I second that


Es sieht wie () an ??


Both comments are to the point Yes...Speedicut and Raisinnoir.... here speaks a native speaker and the "aus ist best to be put at the end of the sentence here.


Why das and not des?

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