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"Las vacas cerraron las ventanas."

Translation:The cows closed the windows.

June 7, 2018



Thw cows closed the windows? I can't imagine ever needing to say that in any language...!

June 10, 2018


Many sentences become useful if you just substitute another word or two for the ones in the sentence. We want to learn the language, after all. We don’t just want to memorize a few set sentences.


Absolutely! The sentence will stick in your brain. I quoted a sentence I'd learned on Duo to a Spanish teacher who'd sneered at lecciones por la computadora "Próxima ves entra por la puerta" "When would you ever use that?" But I've never forgotten it and can substitute words that fit the situation. Besides, some cows are very smart!


Such a great idea! Can't believe it had not dawned on me. Many thanks!!


Exactly, Duo is here to give you a start to learning a language so you can express anything in that language. If you only want to learn helpful phrases for travel or such, Duo is not the place for you.


Perhaps it's metaphorical.


Duolingo sentence reaches new height of surrealism!


Wow, what clever cows!!


if language bird can threaten to commit suicide in an email, then i bet the cows can do anything in duolingo's universe


...to keep out the bull.


Pero los caballos acaban de abrirlos!


This was the best response of all! Haha


The stench from the humans must have been overwhelming.


I guess some freaky evolution has happened in Duo's universe


La isla de Dr. Moreau?


Yo Vivo en Mexico y las vacas aca no saben como hacer eso.


Well it does remind that 3d person plural preterite is formed by tacking "on" to the verb -- Like recordaron.


only those that end in-AR. -IR and -ER verbs change to "ieron"


Well it would be nice to actually learn words about a farm! The cows grazed in the pasture. The horses slept in the barn. The chickens eat chicken feed. It’s time to plant/harvest the crops. What does the farmer have in the silo. Etc..


Also, I am now quite familiar with the female animals, but where are the bulls and the roosters. Are ducks swimming in the pond? Does the fox raid the henhouse? Maybe this farm could be a little more interesting and entertaining -- like the stories. Anyway, I hit level five on the farm so it's history unless I come back through. Just a minor annoyance. Overall, I'm enjoying the lessons, and I think I'm getting a little more control over the language.


Whoever trained these cows, can you please come and train my dog to do the same?


happened all the time in our family farm


I am almost finished with "Charlotte's Web", and I am glad to leave it behind. I suppose using "the farmer" or "the farmer"s wife/son/daughter for every third person sentence would have been boring, but they could have used proper names. Also a little hoeing, raking, plowing, bailing, feeding, milking -- farm labor. Less closing of doors and windows. Seems like a missed opportunity to expand our vocabulary. Maybe a later farm lesson will actually contain a few farm related verbs and modifiers.


I just noticed that the verb does not change its stem in this tense. For example cerraron not cierraron


Mom! Dúo is tripping on LSD again

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