"Vor unserem Fenster steht ein Hund."

Translation:In front of our window there is a dog.

June 7, 2018

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What is wrong with: a dog is standing in front of our window


Nothing, in my opinion. If it's not accepted, I could imagine that if this sentence is in a lesson about translating "there is/are ...", they might want you to go for "there is" in DE-->EN as well.

I guess "A dog is standing in front of our window" might feel a bit verbose in English, where (unlike in German) you can simply say "There is a dog in front of our window", but - not being a native speaker - it seems like a sentence I might encounter in a novel (while I wouldn't use it to point out the dog to my family in real life).


What is wrong with" A dog is standing in front of our window." I do not see "es ist" in this phrase


A dog is in front of our window was not accepted (10/18). Reported


My solution "A dog stands in front of our window." There is no 'es gibt' in the sentence. This does not make sense.


I thought "there is" translates as "es gibt" in Germen. Why "vor", then?


Vielleicht. "Vor userem Fenster steht ein Hund". ( There's a dog standing outside of our window. )


there is = fixed expression es gibt if you talk about the mere presence / existence of something
there is = location à la da ist / sind etc. if a place is given

There is a house in the woods. = In den Wäldern ist ein Haus.
There are people there. = Dort sind Menschen.
There is a phone, too. = Es gibt dort auch ein Telefon.


Maybe have a look at this thread.


The "vor has nothing to do with the "there is", it is the translation of "in front of"


"In front of our window stands a dog" - i liked it Duo not so much


Why is it not "einen Hund"? Shouldn't it be accusative?

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