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  5. "She's only eating a salad."

"She's only eating a salad."

Translation:Ella solo come una ensalada.

June 7, 2018



I wrote "Ella solo esta comiendo una ensalada" and was marked wrong???


I have the same question.


is the meaning of this 'solo' 1 She's only eating a salad, it's just a salad, a mere salad, a trifling salad or.... 2 She alone, only her, this person out of many others, is the one person eating a salad? Can someone clarify if these nuances are expressed by this 'solo' gracias!


In English, there is a difference in meaning between "She is only eating a salad" and "she is eating only a salad". In the first, perhaps ahe didn't make it, but is just eating it. In the second case, she is mot eatong a sandwich also, just a salad. Does the placement of "solo" in Spanish also convey these differences?


I thought "ella come una ensalada solo" could work as well??


For some reason Duolingo rarely uses the present participle. Using comiendo should not be marked wrong, though I doubt they will change it. This is basically a free site, so I don't expect a lot of corrections. They have sent me emails saying that they have accepted my answers, but then I later see that others have them marked wrong.


She's = she is so why don't you need the "is" in this case


I'm confused as to why "sola" is not appropriate here. Is it because it is referring to the act of her eating rather than to herself?


I put "solo ella come una ensalada." Can someone explain why I can't put "solo" at the beginning of the sentence?


It is very maddening when the mouse over clues are no help whatsoever. In fact on this one they were totally misleading and confusing!!!!! Come wasn't even a choice. I'm trying to learn here, Duo!!!

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