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  5. "She's only eating a salad."

"She's only eating a salad."

Translation:Ella solo come una ensalada.

June 7, 2018



I wrote "Ella solo esta comiendo una ensalada" and was marked wrong???


Come can mean "eating" too. Its weird, ive gotten it wrong too plenty of times before as well


is the meaning of this 'solo' 1 She's only eating a salad, it's just a salad, a mere salad, a trifling salad or.... 2 She alone, only her, this person out of many others, is the one person eating a salad? Can someone clarify if these nuances are expressed by this 'solo' gracias!


My guess would be that it would be 'Ella sola come...' if it meant 'just she'. But then what would 'Él solo come una ensalada' mean'? Can we put the 'solo' directly in front of 'una ensalada' to emphasise 'only a salad'? And does the word 'solamente' exist, and if so does it leave the same chance of ambiguity?


Why not solamente?


In English, there is a difference in meaning between "She is only eating a salad" and "she is eating only a salad". In the first, perhaps ahe didn't make it, but is just eating it. In the second case, she is mot eatong a sandwich also, just a salad. Does the placement of "solo" in Spanish also convey these differences?


I'm pretty sure it's because 'solo' is not acting as an adjective here but as an adverb, so it does not change to match the gender of the noun the verb is acting on. In other words, adverbs modify verbs, not nouns, so the gender of the noun does not matter.

An example of solo transforming to sola is:

Estoy sola. I (a woman) am alone.

Because here the word 'solo/sola' is acting as an adjective, describing the condition of the woman which is feminine.

Hope this helped!


It is very maddening when the mouse over clues are no help whatsoever. In fact on this one they were totally misleading and confusing!!!!! Come wasn't even a choice. I'm trying to learn here, Duo!!!


I'm confused as to why "sola" is not appropriate here. Is it because it is referring to the act of her eating rather than to herself?


I think you've probably answered your own question.


I put "solo ella come una ensalada." Can someone explain why I can't put "solo" at the beginning of the sentence?


That says to me that she's the only one eating a salad rather than that all she's eating is a salad and nothing with it.


Solamente accepted


What is the difference between "solo" and "sólo". In my research when I say "only" it should be "sólo" Here is what I found: sólo only, just, alone, merely, solely, on one's own solo single, alone, one, lonely, all alone, sole


Yeah...and the "tip" when clicking the word suggested comiendo. I had put come first and thought it'd be marked wrong if I didn't go with the suggestion.


Why not solamente or unico?


This is a confusing sentence!


why is the gerund form "esta comiendo" refused?

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