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"Proč nechceš slyšet ta dvě slova?"

Translation:Why don't you want to hear those two words?

June 7, 2018



This made me so curious! Which two words? Která dvě slova?


My guess would be "Miluji tě" for "I love you". In English we put a lot of emphasis on "those three words", but I believe that normally in Czech you would exclude the "já" in everyday speech, so it would be those two words.


The use of "ta" in this sentence to mean "those" is confusing. All of my czech (native-speaking) friends say that if the emphasis is "those," that they would use "tamta." Advice please?


Tamta is accepted in the reverse direction as well. This course is pretty consistent in regarding both ta and tamta and some more as both "the" and "those". I found "tamta" less natural in this sentence.

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