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  5. "Do you want my phone number?"

"Do you want my phone number?"

Translation:¿Quieres mi número de teléfono?

June 7, 2018



I wrote, "¿Tú quieres mi número telefóno?" and was told the correct translation is, "¿Tú quieres mi número telefónico?"

Okay, I was going to say here, "What's with this 'telefónico' jazz?" but looked it up. It appears that 'teléfono" is a noun and "telefónico" is an adjective and is modifying the noun, “número” in this case.

It appears that "teléfono" only works with "número" by sticking a "de" in between the two nouns.


Yes, you cannot use a noun to modify another noun in Spanish, without a preposition, like "de".

Noun1 + de + Noun2

To modify a noun without a preposition, you would need an adjective.

Noun + Adjective.
Número telefónico

Telefónico is literally: "telephonic", like in "telephonic harassment" or "telephonic line" in English. = related to the phone.

But, the common way to say it in Spanish is: número del teléfono, it's the best and the most natural sentence.


Damn. I didn't know "telephonic" was a word in English.


what's the difference between "de" and "del"?


I wrote ¿Tú quieres mi número de teléfono? but it said i had the wrong answer; what's wrong about it?


It is a new sentence. A lot of these new sentences do not have all the possible translation in them yet. (sigh...) The only thing we can do is use the report button.


Me too. I don't see why adding the tú makes it wrong.


It doesn't make it wrong. Just hit the "report" button, they simply forgotten to add this solution to the database. Hitting the button will make them aware that they have to add it.


They marked me correct for the same sentance.


¿Quiere mi número telefónico usted? was accepted!!!!


Yes, it's correct, and used with the formal singular you (usted).
Your sentence is polite and formal, and correct (even if you skip the "usted")


What about "quieres mi número?" I know it's not a word for word translation but would it get the same point across?


i just answered this too and was told wrong


Same. What other number could the speaker be talking about than a phone number?


"¿Tú quieres mi número telefónico? Translation: do you want my TELEPHONIC(adj) number(noun) English is my first language, never have I ever used or heard the word- telephonic


Yes, but Spanish cannot use "teléfono número" it's not a Spanish grammatical construction.

In Spanish, either use a preposition to link 2 nouns: número de teléfono.
Or use an adjective to modify the noun: número telefónico.

Note that it's also idiomatic. For instance, in French, the rules are the same than in Spanish (adjective, or "de"), but we don't say "un numéro téléphonique", because only the "numéro de téléphone" is idiomatic and in use.

In Spanish: the common way to say it in Spanish is: número del teléfono, it's the best and the most natural sentence.


¿Tu quieres mi número de teléfono? is correct now


The correct sentence is with "Tú" because "tu" means "your".

¿ Tú quieres mi número de teléfono ?


Why is "Tu quieres mi numero de telefono" not accepted?


I keep writing the correct answer and it tells me I am wrong.


my answer of "Tu quieres mi numero telefono" was also considered wrong?


See above. Teléfono needs a de because that is the noun form of the word, not an adjective


Be careful with the accents, it's either:

  • ¿ Tú quieres mi número de teléfono ? (noun + de + noun)
  • ¿ Tú quieres mi número telefónico ? (noun + adjective)

But, the common way to say it in Spanish is: número del teléfono, it's the best and the most natural sentence.


From reading these posts it seems we here don't receive the same "correct answer" so there are different answers and they seem to conflict at times.


It's not conflicting, the best answer and the most common is "número de teléfono".
They give you "telefónico" in "número telefónico" only if you tried to enter a wrong answer, skipping the "de". So, they try to give you the nearest correct answer without the preposition "de".


I got it right. But is it possible for "quieres mi celular numero" to be right? word for word its (Do you want my cellphone number)


No, your sentence is impossible in Spanish, please read the other comments.

You cannot use 2 nouns, one following the other one, and modifying the other one, as you do in English. Either use a preposition like "de", or an adjective.


I just answered ...Tú quieres mi número de telefono .. It was marked correct, this was as of Oct 10th '19.


It would be 100% correct with the proper spelling "teléfono".
The accent is very useful here to know how to pronounce this word.
You would put the spoken stress on the "le" syllabe: tefono.


Finally!, an excercise that acknowledges that there is a second person plural (vosotros), even if it's only in the incorrect multiple choice options.


They avoided "vosotros/vosotras", because they were afraid that people from country where it's not used got confused. But in other hand, they used the "tú"!

I think they should include Spanish from Spain too, in the exercises, it doesn't hurt to learn the "vosotros" even for people who don't use it in their region, it's still Spanish language, but it's not their philosophy.


''Quieres número de mi teléfono?'' was not accpted. I can see only slight difference, but is it horribly wrong?


I got it right but confused. There is no specific name so why not "Usted quiere mi numero de telefono?


Is "Quieres mi número de teléfono" and Tú quieres mi número de teléfono" the same thing???


I wort "¿Quieres mi número de teléfono" and it said it should be "¿Quiere mi número de teléfono" why is that?


Spanish is one of my fav language. Quieres mi número de teléfono Was a pretty hard question.


How did everyone know número de teléfono? I used teléfono de número, and of course that is marked wrong


Numero de telefono had been used multiple times before.


"Número" Why is the accent sign on the "u" when you accentuate it on the "o" when you speak it?


...you're not supposed to.


why not de celular


I had a related question When does one place an the article "el" before a noun "numéro de telefono"?. I think it wont be used here because of the "my". But I remember previously the question was "i want julia's telephone number" and i think the translation was "quiero el numero de Julia"


I don't know why Duolingo doesn't even accept "Quieres mi número de teléfono celular", which would translate to "do you want my cell phone number", especially now that it's 2021 and just about everyone now a days has a cell/smart phone. Who else agrees with me here?


I entered exactly what Duolingo says is correct ("¿Quieres mi número di teléfono?") but am being marked incorrect.


I entered exactly what Duolingo says is correct ("¿Quieres mi número di teléfono?") but am being marked incorrect.


I entered exactly what Duolingo says is correct ("¿Quieres mi número di teléfono?") but am being marked incorrect.

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